[[Sorry if the first picture is too gruesome, that was how I found him and he needed a bath.]] This is my dog, Basket. I found him at just weeks old thrown like garbage in an abandoned house. He was filled with fleas, he had mange, was emaciated and his belly was swelled up not by food but by parasites. I see strays all the time, but he was different. No one could explain how I found him because he didn’t make no sound, he was so weak. Maybe it was my motherly instinct, who knows. I was in a field trip and the people I were with begged me to leave him where he was.. Honestly, I couldn’t do so, there was something about him that other people didn’t see. So I took on the challenge to polish him just so I could prove everyone wrong. People just saw him like a bag of disease, i just saw him as a poor defenseless baby. Everyone called him names, no one wanted him because he was a “mutt”. I took him home, gave him a good bath, took off his parasites and cured his mange. He just had that look on his face, he wouldn’t give up. He fought to be loved and got my heart at the end. I couldn’t see him go, he rapidly turned into my best friend. From the first day until today he still follows me around the house whenever I go, he even jumps in the shower just because well.. he can. It’s like a little person, he get’s panicky when I fall or get hurt… When I cry he is always there to cheer me up no matter what. I am not a person of many friends, I barely have any really… It may look the other way but I feel kind of alone. But, he kind of changed that for me, he’s like a room mate, we go places, he sleeps with me, he eats with me, and just everyday I never feel alone. And sad enough, he is the only thing that is happily waiting at the door for me and is glad I’m home. I was there for him when he was most weak, and now he is right here for when I need him the most. And I just wanted to be thankful that I am accompanied by a good soul that watches for me. So remember.. That “mutt” you saw may be waiting to be your best friend.

Adopting strays is important, if it wasn’t for that i wouldn’t have found such a great friend.

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I became obsessed with your taste. My world was darkness. Between you legs, hidden by the skirt, I licked with wild abandon and teased unceasingly. Your fingers wove themselves into my hair, directing me, controlling me. You found a rhythm and a control. A grip on me would strengthen when I found that perfect spot, and I worked hard with my tongue buried in your soft folds and felt your small hands grip me tightly. I licked beyond the point of my jaw aching, until at last you gave it all to me.

Now this literotica poem deserves my respect. Applause, really.