I became obsessed with your taste. My world was darkness. Between you legs, hidden by the skirt, I licked with wild abandon and teased unceasingly. Your fingers wove themselves into my hair, directing me, controlling me. You found a rhythm and a control. A grip on me would strengthen when I found that perfect spot, and I worked hard with my tongue buried in your soft folds and felt your small hands grip me tightly. I licked beyond the point of my jaw aching, until at last you gave it all to me.

Now this literotica poem deserves my respect. Applause, really.

Me encanta tu blog y tus fotos. Se nota el porte de modelo y el lado artistico que tienes, sin mencionar lo preciosa que eres. Que lastima que no todas las personas tenga esa madurez y la mente para apreciar el arte. Y tus videos super cool!!

Gracias enserio.♥ 

Hace tiempito que no me metía aquí, pero gente como tu me hace regresar y seguir bloggeando. De nuevo, gracias.♥

how long can you go without sex? do you get as "afixia'" as dudes?

I don’t get asfixia, I’m patient. Longest I’ve been was likeee… two months I guess. I could have gone more…

I mean, life’s not ALL about sex. It’s great but, it shouldn’t be your main source of happiness.